Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Advent Calendar

This holiday season you can win one of our sexy products every day!

All you have to do is hurry up and join our incredible Advent Calendar Game:

Here is how it works:

TP to our Promo Area (CLICK HERE FOR ADDRESS)  in the store where you find a gigantic Advent Calendar on the floor. 

Now look for the number of today‘s date. If the window is still closed, jump on it!

It will open and give you your kinky reward. 

If you missed the opening, you can still buy the exposed item for 50% off until the end of the day.

It starts on December 1st!

Good Luck, Happy Holidays and may you get all the spanking you secretly wish for!


Eve Light



made with love by Smooching Serpents

Enjoy this beautiful dinner table with the following features:

- high quality animations (couples, 3some, 4some)

- wine&dine, cuddle, sex, bondage, forced fantasy

- serves a candle light dinner or a menu for more guests,

teatime, coffee and red wine for a vinous night

- things get wiped off the table when you're having your hardcore dessert

- 5 amazing sequences (couple&3some)

- rezzes chains and attaches cuffs

- RLV force sit and restrictions

- Forced EXP real bondage system!

- no poseballs

- 100% Mesh, baked textures

- design change to fit your home

- copy permissions - rez as many as you like

- free lifetime updates!

If you need support, please have a look at our website http://smoochingserpents.com/manuals/

or contact our service manager Smoochling Resident.

Hallucinations *Morphing Room*

Escape Room Module for Morphing Room

We proudly present SL's most kinky Escape Room! Find all the hints, solve the puzzle and enjoy all the hot fun on your journey.
There is no time limit here, you can play this as long as you wish - or just use the room for another kind of play ;-)

This one is basically a virtual acid trip - but super sexy! Your journey will lead through 3 different worlds with all kinds of interesting experiences waiting for you and your partner.


- footprint 15x15m, rez only when needed
- your personal torture dungeon
- contains exclusive devices by Smooching Serpents:
* Thing T. Thing - The puppet player's hands
* Tangle Touch - The tentacle sex monster
* Prickly Lover - The bondage cactus

The Morphing Room is a playroom system that allows you to rez various kinky setups for intense BDSM play. You can collect all the scenes at the Smooching Serpents main store or on Marketplace.

Furniture Features:

- high quality sex and BDSM animations
- rez ropes/chains and give cuffs
- RLV force sit and restrictions
- FORCED EXP real bondage experience
- no fucking poseballs
- 100% Mesh, high LOD
- texture change, baked shadows

For the experience features you need to enable the experiences "FORCED EXP" and "Auto Attach" by Smooching Serpents on your land.
More information here: http://smoochingserpents.com/manuals/experiences/

For the experience features you need to enable the experiences "FORCED EXP" and "Auto Attach" by Smooching Serpents on your land.
If you're not the owner of the land, ask your landlord to do it for you. Enjoy!

If you need support, please have a look at our website http://smoochingserpents.com/manuals/
or contact our service manager Smoochling Resident.

Monday, November 30, 2020


How do I tell if there is an update on my stuff?
Just find it in the marketplace, and check the heart color in top right corner. Red is updated. White is no updates yet. 

How do I get my stuff updated?
Go to the redelivery kisok at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Villareal/221/39/22  & simply get the item redelivered. :-)  Be sure to delete your old item first. 

Updates so far:

Against the Wall
Art of Agony
Bamboo Bottom 
Bamboo Frame 
Bamboo Prism
Banksy Bang
Caged Kunoichi
Candid Coco
Cheap Fuck
Coco Catch
Cool Approach
Cool Comfort
Dark Mechanics 
Delicious Conversation
Detroit Porn 
Faqir Fantasy
Fetish Artwork
Fetish Landscape
Fetish Throne
Forced Sunshine
Free XYZ
The Glass Table
Harvest Moon
Hidden Pleasures
Hot Lap
Hot Sands
Inflamed Silence
Kinky Arrangement
Kyoto Captive
Latex Casing
Lazy Love
Little Sister
Loony  Loo
Melting Doll
Moony Voyage
Moulin Rose
Mystic Mire
Nauti Friday
Painy Pillory
Pallet Pole
Piped Down
Porn Pole
Post Love
Restrained Flames
Rough Snuggles
Rough Twist
Rusty Banger
Salem Stretch
Saray Sins
Scary Scaffold
Served Sentence
Serious Seat
Shiraz Nights
Smooching Spider
Stern Stool
Strictly Bamboo
Superior Relief
Sybian Girl
Tight & Shiny 
Twisted Mind
Wet Witch
Wild Ride

Caged Fetish
Desired Turns
Desperate Beauty
Lucid Dreams

Showers/Tubs/ Pools:
Chasing Waterfalls
Dream of Roxelane
Dropped Soap
Love Soaked
Salty Skin
Wet Dreams
Wicked Whirl

Showers, Tubs & Pools

Chasing Waterfalls 999     

Dream Of Roxelane 1,199   

Dropped Soap 999     

Hot Recovery 999        

Liquid Sensation  1,799

Love Soaked 999             

Renaissance 999        

Salty Skin 999           

Wet Dreams 2,999     

Wicked Whirl 999       

Chairs, Couches & Tables

CandleLight 2,999

Cool Approach 1,299      

Cool Comfort 999      

Delicious Conversation 1,999    

DownTime  2,199

Glass Table 1,199          

Great Feast 1,999     

Hidden Pleasures 1,199      *See Module Homes page*

Hot Lap 799       *See Module Homes page*

Kinky Arrangement 2,999     *See Module Homes page*

Makeshift 999      

Opportunity 999         

Rough Snuggles 1,299       

Scratchy Ropes 999       

Secretary 1,799      

Serious Seat 999        

Served Sentence 999         

Stern Stool 599     

Superior Relief 1,199     

Yosemite Delight 1,999